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Eco Friendly Natural Bag Style Fire Lighters Pack of 40

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Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably Sourced

Introducing the pinnacle of fire-lighting innovation – our Eco-Friendly Natural Bag Style Fire Lighters Pack of 40. Experience the latest and finest fire lighters that embody eco-consciousness and superior performance.

Product Features:

  • Chemical-Free Ignition: Crafted from wood chip, wax, and recycled paper, these fire lighters are devoid of harmful chemicals, ensuring an environmentally friendly fire-starting solution.

  • Efficient Fire Ignition: A single fire lighter is all it takes to kick-start your fire, guaranteeing a quick and effective ignition.

  • Long Burn Duration: With an average burn time of 8 minutes, these lighters provide sustained ignition for various settings including open fires, stoves, bonfires, fire pits, BBQs, and grills.

Eco-Friendly and Versatile:

  • Made from recycled materials, these fire lighters are an eco-conscious choice for environmentally aware consumers.

Free Shipping:

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on your purchase, adding more value to this eco-friendly fire-lighting solution.

Why Choose Our Fire Lighters?

Our Eco-Friendly Natural Bag Style Fire Lighters offer a clean, efficient, and eco-conscious way to ignite fires across a multitude of settings. Embrace sustainability without compromising on performance!

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